Why medical marijuana use should be legalized

There are a lot of heated debates going on in the medical community about the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of diseases, especially in the treatment of chronic pain and in people with severe nausea or vomiting. The use of medical marijuana is also common in those with multiple sclerosis and seizures. Since the drug has so many medicinal uses, more and more clinicians are trying to popularize its use. This is the reason for the clamor to make the use of medical marijuana legal.
There are several reasons why medical marijuana has to be legalized as mentioned here.
1. It has been used in traditional medicines: There are many traditional medicinal systems where this medicine has been used for many hundreds of years without any problems. Even in many developed countries, it was a legal drug till a few years back. So, it can still be used by medical professionals to help in the treatment of various diseases like diabetes .
2. It is an excellent pain killer: Medical marijuana is an excellent pain killer. It is the drug of choice because it hardly has any long term complications, even after regular use. Most of the pain killers have severe complications and side effects if they are used for a long time. So, for chronic pain conditions, traditional medicines cannot be used. On the other hand, medical marijuana is very useful as an adjunct therapy and also as a standalone medication for alleviating pain. Since pain is relieved, activity is not limited anymore for those who suffer from chronic pain.
3. Useful when regular medicines fail to provide relief: There are several severe disease conditions where the regular medicines fail to provide relief. For example, diseases like epilepsy and fibromyalgia cannot be cured with the regular medicines. Only the severity of the disease can be reduced. On the other hand, regular and monitored doses of medical marijuana helps in reducing the severity of these diseases and in some cases are even able to get rid of the disease completely. Since medical marijuana is very effective against some of the very debilitating diseases, its use needs to be legalized.

Is there online solution for marijuana?

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Legalization of the drug will provide hope for many millions of people who suffer from severe forms of certain diseases. People suffering from multiple sclerosis and even dementia can benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Though research is continuing to prove that medical marijuana is safe as a therapy, the mindset of many people has to change for this medicine to become legal.

Medicine Marijauna – Dronabinol treats Weight loss

Medical Marijuana, although not legalized in several countries across the world, is now gaining medical attention due to its beneficial characteristics. The plant, commonly used as a weed, has extreme medicinal properties that help in treating conditions such as cancer, weight loss, alzheimer’s, and many more. Dronabinol or THC, is the man-made copy of an active chemical present in Marijuana.

B52 marijuanaThe medicine is used to treat nausea, vomiting, appetite and also weight loss, conditions that are usually caused due to Cancer Chemotherapy. Apart from it, the drug also aids patients by enhancing their appetite which is usually lost due to severe infections such as HIV!
Marijuana strains are now widely available, particularly the feminized hybrid seeds that are designed to provide you with a better yield for your various medical requirements. The drug, Marinol is basically used to treat certain conditions such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. that are caused due to various cancer drugs and chemotherapy.
The marijuana based drug increases hunger, thus bringing the body back into its regular eating habits and thus, treating you from within. However, one has to be really careful while consuming the medication and follow the doctor’s prescription carefully.
Marinol – How To Use?
The dosage of this marijuana based drug is based on your medical condition and the treatment. The dosage may vary based on your body size, weight and condition. It is advised that you take the medicine only as prescribed by your doctor. Never increase your dosage without consultation. Your physician will slowly reduce the dosage based on your recovery. Never stop consuming the medication suddenly as it may lead to certain withdrawal symptoms such as sleeping problems, hot flashes, irritability and in certain conditions diarrhea.
Apart from its health benefits, you need to make sure that you avoid mixing it with alcohol or other drugs. Before you consume other medicines, make sure that you visit your physician and get the medications checked for other harmful side-effects.
Based on its wide health benefits, there is a huge debate over rules and laws that make marijuana illegal in several parts of the world. The wonder herb and its wide strains are crossed for their special features which have higher medicinal values. More than regular marijuana consumers, it is the doctors who wish that the herb becomes legalized all across the country and states

Marijuana helps in the effective treatment of diabetes

sensi AK marijuana
sensi AK marijuana

Diabetes is a very serious disorder mainly because of the number of systems it affects. It is considered to be a silent killer and is growing exponentially in the population because of changes in the lifestyle of people. It is very difficult for people to change their lifestyle to get rid of the disease. On the other hand, it seems to be more practical to get rid of the effects of the disease using the right drug. Medical marijuana consists of various extracts that are used in the treatment of diseases. Cannabinoids is one of the extracts that fight effectively against diabetes.

There are different ways in which marijuana helps in the control of diabetes. These ways are listed here:

1. Maintains blood glucose and insulin levels: Though the exact mechanism has not been researched till now, research studies have shown that there is a relationship between intake or marijuana and lower blood glucose levels. The marijuana also helps to maintain the insulin levels in the body. Since these levels are maintained, diabetes is prevented. Even a person who is already suffering from diabetes will be able to control their blood glucose levels.

2. Reduces inflammation in tissues: The inflammation in the tissues can be reduced when medical marijuana is used. This drug is an anti inflammatory agent and will be able to prevent and treat any inflammation in the body. Diabetes leads to inflammation in the tissues, especially the arteries and this can be prevented or treated with medical marijuana.

3. Prevents obesity: Obesity is a serious condition where there is increased body mass index. This increased BMI and obesity lead to various complications. One of them could be uncontrolled diabetes. Since marijuana is able to keep a person slim and fit, it can help in the control of diabetes.

4. Lowers blood pressure: Blood pressure is a co morbid condition with diabetes. Those who suffer from diabetes can suffer from high blood pressure. Those who suffer from high blood pressure are likely to suffer from diabetes. Marijuana has a natural ability to reduce blood pressure. So, it is helpful in controlling the blood pressure and indirectly controlling or preventing occurrence of diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that can lead to kidney problems, eye complications, sudden drop or hike in blood glucose levels that can even be fatal at times. Medical marijuana is able to control such a serious disease. So, it is considered to be a unique and wonderful drug. Further research will make it more popular among physicians.